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    Love is something in life that everyone craves. Except Edward Cullen that is. A vampire that has never found love or felt the need for it. That was until he met Isabella ‘Bella’ Swan a seventeen-year-old girl who had just recently moved to live with her father Charlie in the small town of Forks.

    Afraid of his own emotions Edward tried his best to stay away from Bella but couldn’t. He was enchanted by everything that made her. She was exactly his brand of heroin, He was addicted and completely in love with her. Bella had the same feelings for Edward even after she found out what he was. The only problem that stopped their love was that Bella was human and it was dangerous for both Edward and his family to get attached.

    Can their love stand the test of time? Will Bella give up everything to be immortal? How will the rest of the Cullen’s react?

    ~ A Few Years Later ~

    Bella chose her fate but not before many struggles. A child was concieved one which is named after Renee and Esme " Renesmee" Beautiful , Talented and Unique in her own way. Immortal Life was the only option for Bella and Edward's love for her pushed him hard enough to make sure she survived.

    How does Bella take to immortal life? And does Renesmee find her place in the family?

    Come and find out at
    Enchanted Lovers

    You choose where you want to start Twilight or Breaking Dawn.

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