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    Name: Helios M. Venus

    Nickname: Sir-Helios

    Age: 18

    Sex: Male


    Height: 6ā€™3

    Weight: 235lbs

    Eye Color: Light Blue

    Hair: Slick Jet black Hair

    Any distinguishing marks: A scar Down his back from his coward brother

    Anything they always wear or carry: Carries the sword given to him by his father

    Hobbies: Is quite a reader but mainly Train in the court yard

    Likes: Likes a Fair fight

    Dislikes: Cowards

    Favorite Color: Red

    Favorite Food: Anything really

    Personality: He is quiet and a peaceful person but in times of war he is what some call the demon of Lillitania

    History: He was born in poverty in the year 1258 his parents left each other after he and his brother were born and his mother died 3 months later and he and his brother were left alone until ten years later when Helios was 11 he was taken in by the King of Lillitania. He has seen Potential in him and he was trained in the way of knighthood.

    Family Background: After his mom died his father was killed in the war because of raiders from the enemy other then his coward of a brother he has no other family.

    Role-play Sample:
    Helios stands ready with his men standing behind him. He looks at them all and nods they all begin to charge the enemy. Helios being the first one there he began to fight with his brother who was leading the enemy. As knights from both sides fell Helios sees his best friend that he has trained with since he got here killed.
    Helios now enraged kicks his brother away and attacks the knight who killed him but he was almost cut down himself if it had not been for the back up that had just arrived. He was going to take what was left of his men and retreat but his brother being the coward he was attack him from behind leaving him with a gash on his back. He never saw his brother after that day and hopes to kill him when he does.

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