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The world is in medievil times and war is over the horizon.

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    Princess Lilli Knight
    Princess Lilli Knight

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    Name: Princess Lillian Dawn Knight

    Nickname: Lilli

    Age: 16

    Sex: Female

    Race: Lillitanian

    Height: 5' 6"

    Weight: 115 lbs

    Eye Color: Blue

    Hair: Long brunette

    Any distinguishing marks: N/A

    Anything they always wear or carry: She always wears dresses. She has a locket that was given to her by her mother.

    Hobbies: She spends a lot of time in the garden.

    Likes: She likes nature.

    Dislikes: She doesn't like the war. It pains her to know that people will die for pointless reasons.

    Favorite Color: White, Pink, and Lavender

    Favorite Food: She likes strawberries

    She is a really sweet and caring girl. She is very vulnerable to being taken advantage of. She does what she is told to so she doesn't disappoint anyone. She is willing to do anything if it will bring peace. She is graceful and is the embodyment of peace and serentity.

    She was born into royalty in the year 1260. She is the only child of the monarchy in Lillitania. She grew up protected by the castle's walls. She has of yet, never been outside. Very few people on the outside of the walls knows what she looks like. When her father took in an eleven year old child to train in knighthood, Lilli was nine. She grew fond of the boy as they aged. He was knighted Sir Helios. She requested to her father that he be appointed her protecter, her personal knight.

    Family Background:
    Her mother died in childbirth during her birth. Her father is the ruler of the country. She has no other family.

    Roleplay Sample:(At least two paragraphs)
    Lilli walked down the staircase from her room. Her hair was swept off her neck. She had been dressed in a flowing white dress that accentuated her in all the right places. She knew that people would think she was an angel as she passed windows that let sun light spill into the dark halls.

    She was heading to the garden, a book in her hand for her to read. She spent a lot of time there. It was so peaceful. She never bothered checking in with her father. He was usually talking to nobles about the impending war. It bored her really. She didn't support it at all. It was a waste of time and effort.

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