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    Post by Lady Katherine on Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:34 pm

    Name:Lady Katherine Lorel







    Eye Color:bright green

    Hair:waist length, black with a blue tint to it

    Any distinguishing marks:large scar on her back

    Anything they always wear or carry:bow and arrows

    Hobbies:sings, dances, and reads when not practicing archery

    Likes:singing, dancing, reading, and archery

    Dislikes:anyone or anything that annoys her

    Favorite Color:crimson

    Favorite Food:anything

    Personality:stubborn and outspoken at times, other times silent and keeps to self because of past

    Katherine grew up struggling for most of her life as an orphan on the streets of Lillitania until her father who was an advisor to the king found her and adopted her when she was thirteen. But sometime before then Kat had gotten into an accident that ended with her having a scar on her back of which she does not remember how she got it. Later on, when she was 17, her father died and she took over his position and became the king's only female advisor.

    Family Background:No blood relatives to speak of and adopted father is dead

    Roleplay Sample:
    Katherine sat out in the archery field after doing her daily target practice. The weather that day was lovely with a nice gentle breeze that played with her long black hair. She smiled and closed her eyes. Then a single tear flowed down her cheek.

    Kate started to think of how her father and herself would always sit out in the field like that after and how he would always bring his flute and play it while she sang and danced about. Then with just thinking about it, Katherine stood, eyes still shut, and remembering one of the songs her father always played, she sang and danced around the field, looking almost like a fairie as she did so.

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