Knight's Destiny

The world is in medievil times and war is over the horizon.

    Hautzenroeder Killius Phear.

    Killius The Cruel

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    Hautzenroeder Killius Phear. Empty Hautzenroeder Killius Phear.

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    Hautzenroeder Killius Phear

    Killius The Cruel

    Twenty and four




    256 pounds

    Eye Color:
    Golden Brown

    Deep brown

    Any distinguishing marks:
    Scars of battle litter the flesh of his back and chest arms. But one is dominate compared to the rest. It runs down his jaw line on his left side.

    Anything they always wear or carry:
    The crest of his blood line on his ring finger of his left hand. With a pentacle ringed around his neck. And a sword always hanging in it’s sheath on his belt.

    Sparing with any weapon, Bow hunting, Horse back riding, Camping, History, Chess, Painting, etc.

    Strategian, Training with new blood, children, Debating with people who don’t fear him, when people give him their true opinions.

    Mindless fools, Can’t stand nobles who say what you want to hear instead of there opinions, Hates anyone unwilling to protect what they’ve lived for. Nobles who are happy to have their title but don’t want to fight when he calls them.

    Favorite Color:

    Favorite Food:
    Karjalanpaisti or Veriohukaiset

    To his enemies: Strong willed, Hateful, Rude, Cruel.
    To his people: Caring, Respectful, Understanding, Strong willed.

    Hautzenroeder was the fearsome leader of the Pagans since he was ten and eight years old. He fought along his men instead of watching form a distance. He was the first king in centuries to bring his people to flourish rather than decay.

    Family Background:
    Hautzenroeder isn’t the first Phear to rule over his Pagans. His forefathers have guided the Pagans through the best and worst of times. Huatzenroeder’s mother died giving birth to him and his twin sister, Guenevere. Causing their father’s heart to be broken and as time past their father faded into a shadow of a man. So Huatzenroeder learned fast how to rule the kingdom. His sister is his princess and adviser.

    Roleplay Sample:(At least two paragraphs)

    Killius the Cruel enters into his Great Hall, everyone was cheering and drinking their ales, an wines. Once a Knight noticed his King he yelled, ‘Welcome your King,’ Everyone became silent and raised their glasses to him. Most rose on wobbly legs and tried to bow. A few failed and clasped onto the hard black marble floor.
    Killius softly dipped his head in a gentle bow and started his walk to his throne. Many said that the throne of his was constructed from the bones of his enemies, then supported by the wood of a black oak then covered with soft black leather. But no ones knew for sure and never wanted to ask Killius the Cruel about the matter.
    He seated himself in his throne and watched his people celebrate Yule.

    Pictures of your character:(At least two)

    Hautzenroeder Killius Phear. Emmett-Cullen-twilight-series-88-2

    Hautzenroeder Killius Phear. Kel

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