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    Name: Leon Lucifer Belmont

    Nickname: Leo or Luc

    Age: 17

    Sex: Male

    Race: Unknown but fights for Lillitania

    Height: 6 foot 1

    Weight: 70kg

    Eye Colour: White gold

    Hair Colour: White

    Any Distinguishing Marks: A small scar just under his right eye.

    Anything They Wear or carry? A black angel wing necklace & 2 katanas, one black & one white.

    Hobbies: Sparring, reading & dancing.

    Likes: People who care for their weapons & armour, the stars & flowers.

    Dislikes: Rusty weapons & armour, war lovers & people who are too stuck up.

    Favourite Colour: Black

    Favourite Food: Sushi.

    Personality: Kind, quiet, honorable, mysterious & loyal.

    History: A prince of a far away country, he left home because he was bored & wanted to find someone who can fight at his level.

    Roleplay Sample: Leon walked around to the edge of the woods and saw a merchant's caravan being raided. He loosened his black katana in its sheath, pulled his headband over his right eye and walk towards the bandits.

    A bandit saw him and rushed at Leon swinging his claymore at his head. Leon ducks and flicks his right arm and blood flys into the air with the screams of his victim. Two come at him this time one with a bow and the other with a broadsword. Leon parries the sword catches the arrow in his left hand and stabs the man in the right arm, with his grip weak with pain Leon disarms him then take his head off. He impales the head & launches it at the archer an while the archer dodges the head Leon throws the sword, it spins in the air before going through the heart.

    Pictures (can't do the code thing so its just the sites):

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