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    Name: Vedova Knight

    Nickname: None

    Age: 50

    Sex: Male

    Race: Lillitanian

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 150 lbs.

    Eye Color: Light Brown

    Hair: Black

    Any distinguishing marks: Some scars on arm

    Anything they always wear or carry: Sword, crown

    Hobbies: Ruling his Country, Gambling

    Likes: When people follow orders, his country, Gambling

    Dislikes: Enemies, Rain, War

    Favorite Color: Blue

    Favorite Food: He can't pick a favorite

    Personality: Vedova is normally calm, however very easily angered. One small comment can start him up on a rant.

    History: Vedova is down from a long line of kings of Lillitania. His wife died when she gave birth to his daughter.

    Family Background: (see above, kings of Lillitania)

    Roleplay Sample: Vedova walked up, leading his army, to find that another had met them in between the two kingdoms. Commanding for his army to attack, he ran forward at the opposition and took out his sword. He slashed it at random soldiers, while barely managing to dodge other attacks at the same time.

    The two armies were neither advancing nor retreating. It was an even match; nobody was better than the other. Vedova looked around, now away from the battle on top of a hill, to find the king, and saw he was at the back, the coward. Vedova raced down the hill towards the king but stopped - three men mounted on horses raced up in front of him and were ready to attack. But Vedova was ready for this.

    He sliced a leg off of each of the soldiers' horses, and they fell over, the soldiers still hurt from the impact with the ground. They needed their horses to move quickly enough, anyway. The king's figure grew larger and larger as Vevoda ran.

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