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    Post by Natalya on Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:50 pm

    Name: Natalya Natesula

    Nickname: Nata or Nate

    Age: 16

    Sex: female

    Race: Lillitains

    Height: 5'6"


    Eye Color: icy blue

    Hair: dark brown

    Any distinguishing marks: birthmark in the shape of an animal paw on the base of her throat. it is her weak point each part of it has a different affect on her

    Anything they always wear or carry: gold bracelets and gold hoop earings and an angel wing necklace

    Hobbies: drawing, singing (when no one is around), magic, helping people, animals

    Likes: animals, seafood, kind people, drawing, swimming

    Dislikes: perverts, mean people, any form of negative emotion

    Favorite Color: blue, green and any color in between

    Favorite Food: Any seafood

    Personality: Likes to help alot and works well with animals. she is always there but is alot like a little sister figure except to those younger than her. she is normally captured easilly because if a cage is around her, she goes into immediate submision to keep from having a mental breakdown.

    History: She was born in a powerful kingdom but it was destroyed when she was born. she doesn't know her parents and she is used to taking care of herself and has a problem with cages since people continuously placed her in a cage if they ever caught her in an attempt to sell her as a slave.

    Family Background: parents were powerful and she has one brother. the brother is 18 years old and has never been met by nata and he is looking for her to try and keep her safe since their parents are dead.

    Roleplay Sample:*nata walks around the forest with her angel wing necklace glittering from the moon light and her presense being announced by the chiming of her gold bracelets* *a glow seems to come from her eyes as she sees a large lake under the moon's glow* *she runs to it and steps into the edge of the water* *she smiles and dives in* *she swims until she senses something is watching her and then she gets out and gets ready to fight if needed*

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